Network Instances

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Network Instances


I have created a license with 10 network instances. When the application is launched 2 times in the same computer, I get 2 instances running. Is it possible to count only by computers?


I have created a license with Network Instances for one of my customers. He has started complain that he gets some noticeable traffic on the network produced by my protected application. Is it possible to decrease that network traffic?


I'm just testing your application with the network options switched on. I have a server application which is working fine but, do the clients need a licence file?


Can I limit a license to a number of instances inside a network?


Can I include hardware locking to a license which is also limited to a number of instances inside a network?


I want to generate a SmartKey with network instances, but the function WLGenLicenseSmartKey does not include the network instances parameter. How can I do it?


Can I use the Network Instances feature on my protected DLL?


How do I display the IP addresses that have been retrieved with WLRegNetInstancesGetClientsIp?