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When I try to generate a Static SmartKey with more than 255 days expiration, the generate key does not have more than 255 days expiration.


I have enabled Dynamic Smartkeys and Registry keys in the "Registration" panel. The problem is that if I create a .reg key directly and I later call WLRegGetDynSmartKey I don't get the Smartkey. What's wrong?


I am calling WLRegSmartKeyCheckW (UNICODE) and generating licenses under the "License Manager" in WinLicense, but all SmartKeys are rejected. Why?


I have included all user information (Name, Company, Custom Data) inside a Dynamic SmartKey. How do I call WLRegSmartKeyCheck if I just have a single SmartKey string? I mean, the function requires 4 parameters and I only have one (the SmartKey string)


How can I obtain the license key as a string once the application has been activated using a SmartActivate key?


When I call WLRegLicenseCreationDate from inside my protected application, I cannot get the creation date for my SmartKeys.


I have created a SmartKey for my customer, but when he enters the SmartKey and I call WLRegSmartKeyCheck, the key is always invalid. For other customers, my generated keys work fine. Why?


When I generate a SmartKey for a single user several times, I can see that the generate SmartKey is different. Is that correct?


I'm still lost about how to use SmartActivate keys, can you give me some examples?


What are SmartActivate keys?


In last 2 weeks we got a lot of customers who was not able to register their products under Vista. We use SmartKeys with hardware id. Please advise.


I want to mark as stolen (or ban) a specific SmartKey for a customer, but I don't want to invalidate all licenses for that customer. How can I do it?


I'm using custom data to store extra license information but I don't want the user to insert custom data or show him these values. I want the custom data to be part of the SmartKey number, so, he cannot see it.


What’s the difference between the option DYNAMIC_SMART_KEY, STATIC_SMART_KEY and STATIC_DYNAMIC_SMART_KEY in the Registration panel?