What is the difference between "Developer License" and "Company License"?

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What is the difference between "Developer License" and "Company License"?

Company licenses are for companies with more than one software developer. All developers in the company can use the license to protect all the software developed within the company.


The single Developer License is intended to be used for single developers or companies with just one software developer. If there is more that one software developer, then you need to purchase a company license.


If you purchase the "Developer License", you can protect all your projects with your  license. Notice that you cannot protect projects which are not developed by you.


The same is applied to "Company Licenses". That is, the company license can be used by any employee inside the company, but they can only protect software developed inside the company where the license belongs.


​The company license is suitable for a company inside a region (country), but not for overseas offices.