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Can I specify via the command line a file which contains all files that will be embedded in XBundler?


I'm trying to embed a config file in XBundler (using "Never Extract to disk"option) and I want to modify that file in runtime, is that possible?


I’m using the option “Extract to disk” for several files that I’m bundling with XBundler. The files are extracted correctly under Windows XP but it fails under Vista and Windows 7. What’s happening?


I want to bundle my OCX in XBundler but not sure if it will work as my OCX needs to be registered in the system via regsvr32.exe


I want to XBundle my files but with relative paths to parent folders, so can I move my projects and files across computers and protect them from there?


If I bundle some large graphics files and DLLs, is that going to influence the performance of my program?


I want to protect a DLL and bundle some data files using XBundler, but it does not work.


Can I copy to disk a DLL that I have embedded with the option "Never Write to disk"


In my .NET application (test.exe) I want to to embed my .exe.config file (test.exe.config) with XBundler, but when I run my protected application (without the .config file) it does not see my embedded test.exe.config file.


Can I embed several EXE files inside XBundler and run them from memory, that is, without writing them to disk?


What about performance? I'm writing a filemanager which has a lot of access to local files.


How are the files accessed from inside the protected application? May I call simply memo.lines.loadfromfile for example? If yes - does this mean that all accesses to files are filtered by XBundler?


Can XBundler be used to bundle all of the DLL's and OCX's inside a protected DLL? Does there need to be an actual executable?


Is it possible to use XBundler to bundle a console exe that I call run-time from my application?


Can I register my bundled DLLs with regsvr32.exe?


I tried to bundle CHM file. Command which I use to open CHM file in my application below: ShellExecute(Application.Handle,'open','help.chm',nil,nil,SW_SHOWNOR MAL);


We are using a couple of DLLS and OCXS in our application, and I have tried unsuccessfully to use them with XBundler. What can I do?


I want to bundle my Visual Studio 2005 (or Visual Studio 2008) DLLs with XBundler but it fails to load them. Is that a known issue?


I have inserted about 100 files to bundle. I want to select all of them and set for all of them "Extract always". Is that possible to do it without going one file at a time?


I have bundled several INI files with XBundler but when I try to access to them, they cannot be found. Other bundled files are working fine