Scenarios for using WinLicense

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Scenarios for using WinLicense

WinLicense uses the SecureEngine® protection system to cover a wide range of scenarios. SecureEngine® is the ideal solution in the following situations:        


Protecting an application against modifications and software piracy: SecureEngine® protects the integrity of an application by encrypting and decrypting its code at runtime, using revolutionary techniques that defeats any of the traditional or newest cracking tools.


Protecting an application against reverse engineering: SecureEngine® uses a wide range of techniques to prevent reverse engineering. An attacker will not be able to use cracking tools to analyze the code of a protected application.


Protecting an application against unauthorized access: SecureEngine® allows a developer to include password protection in an application. The application can only be executed with a valid User-Password. The SecureEngine® SDK offers external functions that allow developers to handle the management of new users and passwords.


Protecting an application against monitoring tools: SecureEngine® includes the most advanced techniques to detect registry and file monitoring tools. Developers choose the desired option to finish the execution of their applications upon the detection of monitoring tools.


Making trial versions for an application: WinLicense offers powerful and flexible techniques that allow developers to securely distribute trial version of their applications, allowing developers to interact with the trial status of their applications via an extended API.


Licensing an application: WinLicense offers a flexible and powerful licensing system that allow developers to create a wide range of registration system into their applications. WinLicense provides an extended API that offers total freedom to manage license keys.