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This function allows you to specify an encryption key to encrypt/decrypt specific areas in your application. At the moment, only the encryption/decryption of the different sections in the PE file is supported (parameter "ZoneId = 0")


This function is called in protection time to get the encryption key from your plugin. The retrieved encryption key will be used to encrypt your application (apart from other encryption layers applied to encrypt your application).


In runtime, the protection will call your embedded plugin to retrieve the encryption key to decrypt your application.  Once that the key has been used, the buffer with the retrieved key will be destroyed.

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 [in] Identifies the zone for where the encryption key is required. At the moment only 0 (zone 0) is supported, meaning the encryption key to encrypt the application code/data.


 [out] Pointer to an allocated buffer where the encryption key will be copied.



Return Values


f the function returns the encryption key for the specified zone, you should return TRUE. Otherwise, return FALSE.




At the moment, this function is only supported in 32-bit applications.


The returned encryption key must be a NULL terminated ANSI string. The size must be less than 256.