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This function receives the fingerprint or watermark that was inserted in protection time. To enter a fingerprint or watermark in your protected application, you can do it in two different ways:


1) In the "Advanced Options" panel, add the following entry:


OPTION_ADVANCED_FINGERPRINT=this is my fingerprint



2) When protecting via the command line, you can specify the fingerprint as a command line parameter (/fingerprint). Example:


WinLicense.exe /protect MyProject /fingerprint "this is my fingerprint"


The protection reserves 512 bytes for the fingerprint. Unicode fingerprints can have a maximum of 256 chars and ASCII fingerprints a total of 512 chars.


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 [in] Pointer to a buffer to receive the inserted fingerprint.



Return Values


If the function returns TRUE, the protection code will continue running.

If the function returns FALSE, the application will exit immediately.