WinLicense SDK

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WinLicense SDK

The WinLicense SDK allows Software Developers to interact with WinLicense and retrieve/set information to manage your licenses/trial periods, create license keys, etc.


To be able to use the WinLicense API, an application must link with the Winlicense SDK library (WinlicenseSDK lib/dll).


NOTE: The WinlicenseSDK.dll is needed at protection time only. The WinlicenseSDK.dll must not be released with your protected program.


NOTE: For .NET applications, if you are building a 64-bit application (adding platform "x64") you have to define the conditional symbol WIN64 (In Visual Studio, go to your project properties, select "Build" and enter the conditional symbol)


The different types of functions in the WinLicense SDK are the followings:


Trial Functions


Registration Functions


Generators Functions


Miscellaneous Functions