SecureEngine® is an innovative and revolutionary technology for protecting Microsoft Windows applications against modern cracking. Its architecture and design is a completely new idea, never seen before in the software security-world. Other software protectors use normal application privileges, supervised and restricted by the operating system kernel. Most of modern crackers tools are also running in the operating system (kernel) level making it very easy to study and attack their protection routines, since they are running in a lower level (application level).

SecureEngine® has been designed with a different approach to avoid this common scenario. Its code is running on the same level as the operating system (kernel) with all privileges enabled. That allows the executing of any kind of protection technique without being restricted by the operative system. On the other hand, current cracker tools are unable to detect, study and attack protection routines that have designed for and run on the same level (kernel). This innovative technology is compatible with all popular Windows versions, 98, ME, 2000, XP and 2003. Both of our products,
Themida® and WinLicense® are enhanced with the SecureEngine® technology.

SecureEngine® implements the following techniques to keep an application fully protected against advanced reverse engineering and cracking:

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KernelOperation AntiDumperPro CodeReplace VirtualMachine DebuggerGuard
SmartMetamorph SecureEntryPoint SecureAPIWrapper PolymorphicLayers MonitorBlocker
AntiCrackTools GarbageCode ClearCode
CodeEncrypt intDebugShield
RealTimeSpy DynamicEncryption
InteractiveEngine MutatorEngine
AntiAPISpyer ThreadEngine PasswordProtect SmartCompression

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