Code Virtualizer

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Code Virtualizer

Code Virtualizer is a powerful code obfuscation system that helps developers protect their sensitive code areas against Reverse Engineering. Code Virtualizer has been designed to enact high security for your sensitive code  without requiring system resources (like system calls, external libraries, etc.)


Code Virtualizer will convert your original code into Virtual Opcodes that will be only understood by an internal Virtual Machine. Those Virtual Opcodes and the Virtual Machine itself are different for every protected application, avoiding a general attack over Code Virtualizer.


We have also specialized in Virtual Machines generation, creating a language to design Virtual Machines architectures with ease. Code Virtualizer will present several Virtual Machines architectures to protect your applications. Do you want to insanely protect a specific function in your application? Then you can just select a very strong Virtual Machine for that function. Do you want a decent protection and high speed for a specific function? Then you can select a lighter Virtual Machine to protect that specific function!


Code Virtualizer can protect your code in any x32 and x64 native PE files, like executable files (EXEs), system services, DLLs, OCXs, ActiveX controls, screen savers and device drivers.


This document explains the advantages of using Code Virtualizer and how to use it to protect your sensitive code against reverse engineering.


Details about Code Virtualizer


Protecting an application


SecureEngine Macros


Inserting Protection Macros