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I have a function with a VIRTUALIZER_START/END. Inside the START - END macro markers, I call an external function, called "Function2()". Is that external "Function2()" also virtualized?


I have a few Portuguese strings in my STR_ENCRYPT macro but some of them are not recognize when I click on the STR_ENCRYPT macro in the "Protection Macros" panel. What's wrong?


Can I use one protection macro (VM macro) inside another macro (VM macro)?


In the "custom_vms" folder I can see the name of the available virtual machines. Can I change the internal settings inside each ".vm" file?


Can I raise an exception inside a VM macro?


I have seen that insertion of VM macros in try-except clauses are a bit tricky. What about try-finally clauses?


Can Code Virtualizer macros protect switch statements and try-except clauses?


If I protect the following code with a macro: VM_START InitializeCounters(i); VM_END. Will the InitializeCounters() function code also virtualized?


I have included several VM macros inside my application. I have made sure that I have not nested any macros, but when I load my application in Code Virtualizer user interface, I get a nested macros message. What's wrong?


We tried to adopt Code Virtualizer VM macro option. But, our particular problem was performance of the game. It was very critical issue. We hope to know how we improve performance of my game.


Can VM macros protect switch statements? We are now having an issue with VM macros crashing the application.


I'm using a VM macro but it fails when using it on my Delphi application. I get an exception. Can you fix it?


I have added a few VIRTUALIZER macros inside my application, but when I load my compiled application on Code Virtualizer it says "missing START - END macro"


What does it mean that my encrypted string are not removed from the original location?


In VS2017 and VS2019 the debugger is not tracing correctly my function that uses a VM_START/END marker


When enabling optimizations, my VIRTUALIZER_END marker is not found


I'm using the STR_ENCRYPT but sometimes, when my string contains specific German characters the string is not recognized