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Can you give me a simple guide about how to create Trial periods for my application and how to register my application with WinLicense?


I want to protect several applications concurrently via the command line, because I'm creating a specific protected application for each customer. Is it possible?


I want to include relative paths in the "Input Filename" and "Output FileName" in the User Interface in WinLicense. How can I do that?


Is WinLicense compatible with Delphi 2009?


Is WinLicense compatible with Windows 8?


I'm using SetupBuilder to build and protect my application from the command line. The application is protected correctly but I don't see any log in the command line.


In my program I use the "JCLDebug" routines to get exception information (line, routine, etc) when an exception occurs. The problem is that once the application is protected, I get limited debug information.


What's the difference between Themida and WinLicense? If I buy WinLicense, can I use it without adding license control to my software?


Are there localized versions of your products to support other languages?


I bought a WinLicense license to protect my applications. My friend needs to protect his application. Can I protect his software with WinLicense?


I have a suggestion about a new protection feature and features for your software. Will you implement it?


What programming languages are supported by WinLicense?


If I protect my app with the demo version and it is stable, do I have a good level of confidence that the purchased version will work also?


What is your support policy? Do you have a minimum response and/or problem-solving time? What types of support do you offer?


How compatible is your software with various win O/S? (e.g. Vista in different languages, 2003 server, 64bit etc.)


I don't use Windows Vista right now, but depending on our customers I will need WinLicense (and also the protected application as well) to be able to run on Windows Vista. Do you also support 64-bit operating systems such as Windows 2003 x64 and Vista x64?


When using WinLicense, I see that under the "Data" subfolder, there are several big files (log files) created. Can I prevent the creation of such files?


I want to use the WinLicense SDK in my AutoIt application, but it does not seem to work. Can you help me?


I read that WinLicense uses MySQL for the database. Do I need to install MySQL?


I want to set up the WinLicense database in my server, do I need to create specific tables, etc. beforehand?


I'm trying to use the MySQL database that I have created in my server, but I get an error saying "Cannot connect to server on host 'xxxx.yyyy.zzzz': Connection timeout"


I have problems protecting my installer. What can I do?


When I launch WinLicense.exe I get the following error "WinLicense database is already in use". I have no other instances of WinLicense running


When I import the XML database into a MariaDB database I get an error “The used command is not allowed with this MariaDB version" "Error importing from XML file"


In my build system, I’m trying to invoke WinLicense.exe from my own application using the CreateProcess() API but WinLicense displays the GUI