Hardware Lock

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Hardware Lock


Is it possible to lock an application to multiple machines with Hardware Lock?


How do I check if a user has entered a valid hardware ID without any typos?


I want to display the hardware ID when the option "Application only runs when registered" is used.


How can I enable hardware lock in smartkey protection? Can you give me some examples?


If I set BIOS changes to 0 in the HardwareLock panel, does it mean that the User can change the BIOS unlimited times or the User cannot change BIOS?


How can I get the Hardware ID of a specific machine to create a hardware locked license?


I have seen that WinLicense can lock a specific license to a USB device, does it mean that my customer only needs to move his USB device to different computers to keep using the protected application with his hardware locked license?


I have protected my application with the following “Hardware Lock” items: CPU + BIOS, but now I want that my new protected application will be locked to CPU + BIOS + HDD. Do I have to obtain again the Hardware ID of my clients?


Is it possible to supply a custom hardware ID to your API? So, I can use my own hardware ID and not the one generated by WinLicense


I have a issue where it appears some of my customers hardware ID's will change after they reboot. Do you have any idea what may cause this?


If I select different setting in the "Hardware Lock" panel, I always get the same Hardware Id, how is that possible?


What if my client flash-update the BIOS. Will this change the hardware ID?


Will repartition or reformat the hard drive change the hardware ID?


Is the CPU ID the same between different Windows versions?


Is the CPU ID enough to be used as hardware ID, so I don't rely on HDD, BIOS, MAC for the Hardware ID?


What are the different ways to lock a license to a specific device?


How can I lock a license to my customer's USB pendrive?


When I call WLHardwareGetNumberUsbDrives() I always get zero. I'm sure that I have inserted a USB memory stick


What about the option Ring-0 in version 3.0? I was using it to create licenses with Ring-0 hardware ID


Is the hardware ID the same with WinLicense 2.x and WinLicense 3.x? I have many hardware locked licenses created for my application protected with version 2.x


Can I send several Hardware IDs in a single license to be used by several computers?


In version 2.x when I put %machineid in my Customized Dialogs, the ID was autmatically copied to the clipboard. This does not work on version 3.x


When I call WLHardwareGetId, I always get “1111-2222-3333-....”, no matter if I try on other computers?