Protection Options

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Protection Options


Can I use WinLicense from a computer with no internet connection or better under a VirtualBox/VMWare environment? I was wondering if internet is required for WinLicense to work.


Do I need to ship SecureEngine.dll with my protected application?


I use Themida with Visual Studio in the custom build steps but no output (build information) is generated at all. What's the problem?


I'm evaluating WinLicense DEMO to protect my Windows service, but after protecting it my service does not start at all. What should I do?


How can I avoid the command line output displayed by WinLicense when protecting my project via the command line protection?


My application requires administrator's privileges to run on Vista. Will my protected application run with admin's rights?


My (native) protected application fails to run after being protected. What can I do?


My .NET protected application fails to run after being protected. What can I do?


My CodeJock application looses skinning after being protected. What can I do?


My protected application is flagged as a virus. What can I do?


My MSVC application generates a crash dump file (.DMP) file when it crashes, so I can load and examine the crash dump file. When my application is protected the generated crash dump does not contain valid information


Is it possible to know from my application if the application has been unpacked?


I need to get a Vista logo. Is your protection compatible with Microsoft tests?


I want to protect my .NET application with WinLicense, can I use an obfuscator before protecting with WinLicense?


How can I omit the output displayed by WinLicense when protecting via command line?


Can you let me know which protection options affect execution speed of my application?


I’m using the CHECK_CODE_INTEGRITY macro in my Delphi application but the macro always returns that my code has been modified. Any ideas?


I see that WinLicense detects if my file on disk has been patched, but how can I detect if someone has patched my application in memory?


How can I insert my own splash screen using the Plugin feature?


Can you let me know about all available Advanced Options and what they are for?


Some of my users complaint regarding RegMon (Filemon) loaded in memory. How to proceed?


If I want to sacrifice a minimal amount of security to gain the maximum amount of application startup speed, what options should I disable in WinLicense?


Can I compress my application with UPX and then protect it with WinLicense?


Is there any issue to run my protected plugins on Xp 64 (32bit mode)?


My application's main function is the scientific calculation needed high performance. Is there any performace lost when I encrypt my app. with WinLicense?


Does WinLicense encrypt string constants in my code?


If I set the Anti-Patching option, can I digitally sign my application?


I would like to include the same protection options and custom dialogs in all my applications. Can I apply the same settings to all my applications?


I want to include WinLicense in my build system. Does WinLicense support command line protection?


Can I protect my Windows NT system service with WinLicense?


When I protect my application with WinLicense, the size is increased by 500Kb or more!


How many KB will my application grow in size, after being protected by WinLicense?


When I use macros directly around some API calls I get errors in WinLicense saying that one of my START or END markers is missing. What's wrong?


Please let us know how WinLicense influences the program performance? What would you advice us to pay attention to in order to minimize the performance losses? Will it affect the protection?


If I use the option "Entry Point Virtualization", my DLL crashes. If I uncheck that option, will it make it easier to crack?


Can I protect my .NET applications with WinLicense?


Can I protect mixed managed/unmanaged DLLs?


When I enable the "Advanced API-Wrapping" option my applications runs slower


When I protect my application with an older version, the size of the protected application is smaller. Can I keep the same size in latest version?


When I add a JPG image in the splash option, my image is not displayed on startup


Can I code sign my application from WinLicense?