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Is there any option to reset the trial on a major update? I want to move my application from version 2.x to 3.x


A user got the message: "The trial period of this application has been manipulated". What can I do to let him run my application again?


I'm lost about how to use the Trial expiration. Please explain to me what stops someone from simply downloading a trial version, using it until it expires and then downloading another one? He can use it in trial mode forever?


I can see that I can get the number of days left to know when my application will expire, but how can I know the exact hour/minute/second that it will expire?


Can I store sensitive data in the Registry in an encrypted way?


I see a lots of functions related with Trial/Registration, but I'm quite lost about which functions I have to use to check if my application is registered and if not, get the number of days left.


I check "Run Time (execution)" in Trial Restrictions and I select to run the program for 2 minutes but the program is still running. Any ideas?


I would like to detect whether my application is running in trial mode or registered mode programmatically. Which function do I have to use?


I created a product v0.8 beta and set trial expiration to 15.06.2009. At 09.05.2009 I created new version of product (v0.9 beta) and set trial to 08.08.2009. Do I have to change the "Trial Unique Key" in the Software Panel


When is the message "MsgID35 : Trial/Licenseing Management manipulated" displayed?


The extension key: how do they work? Do they work only if the trial license has expired?


I have protected my application with 30 days trial. I have put the clock back for 3 days and Winlicense reported the trial as expired (and that's what I want!). How can I make the trial working again for my application in my computer?


Is it possible to have such trial limitations in a single application: 10 executions and 30 days? What we have in such configuration - application became expired after its first execution.


How to calculate "days left" for license that must expire on specified DATE? I tried to use function WLRegDaysLeft(), but it returns -1 for license with specified expiration date.


Can I protect putting trial days expiration with the DEMO version of WinLicense? How difficult is to reset the trial?


I have protected my application with Trial Settings. When I uninstall and install my application again, the Trial continues at the same point that it was before uninstalling it. How can I reset the trial info from my computer?


What are these Custom Counters? How can I use them?


I'm going to release a new version of my application with a bug fix, but I want the trial period to continue as it was for each client. How can I keep the trial period for my new protected application?


How can I clear the trial information when I release a new version?


My trial extensions keys do not seem to be working to extend the trial period in my application


Can I include different trial restrictions in a single application?


If I use "Executions" as a method of protection, can I manually increase the counter by my program?


I have created a .REG (registry) trial extension key, but it does not extend the trial.


Can I lock (hardware id) to a single PC my application when it's running in Trial Mode?