File keys

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File keys

File keys is one of the basic ways to register an application with WinLicense. If you decide to register your application with a File key, your customers have to place the file key in the same folder as your protected application (you can also change the folder where your application expects the File key).


In the Registration panel, you can select the name of the expected File key (Single File edit box). Notice that you can also use special folder constants to specify a different folder to search for your File keys. Please, refer to the following entry for information about different locations where you can put a license.


Once that a File key is present in the same folder as your protected application (or a different folder that you select), WinLicense will check the File key when your application boots up and will try to register your application if the File key is correct and it's not expired (in case that expiration options were introduced in the File key).