In version 2.x, I saw an Activation option and it looks that's what I need now, but I can't see that option in version 3.0

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In version 2.x, I saw an Activation option and it looks that's what I need now, but I can't see that option in version 3.0

In latest versions 2.x, we included the Activation system but it was commonly used by our customers, basically it was limited to be used with our (freeware) application "WL Orders Manager" and that was quite rigid. The Activation system allows to send Activation codes to your client.


With the Activation Code, the protected application connects to your server (where you have the "WL Orders Manage" database (MySQL)) and a license is created there (using the shipped compiled license generators). Once the license is created, it's sent to the customer's machine and the application runs as registered. It also offered the chance to migrate the license to a different Hardware ID.


In version 3.0, we have removed the Activation system (at least from our User Interface), but it can still be used with some internal options (read below)


Anyway, not sure if you are ready to work with WinLicense Activation and our product "WL Orders Manager". It requires some (minor) learning process to integrate everything together. In the Help File in version 2.x and the Help File in "WL Orders Manager" you have information about how to make it work the Activation in WinLicense.



The system works more or less like this:


1) You receive an order/payment from a customer


2) You insert that order information in "WL Orders Manager" (User name, company, license restrictions if required, etc). After that, "WL Orders Manager" will generate an Activation Code that you can send via email (you can send it from WL Orders Manager). You can also set up specific Activation restrictions (like if re-activation is allowed, max computers to activate, etc)


3) Your customers inserts that activation code in a form (that is injected into your protected application) and it will contact your website (which will hold a simple PHP script that we will send you) that checks the activation code and create the final WinLicense license key (locked to your customer’s machine hardware ID) and send it back to the protected application, so it will run as registered.


4) Now, from "WL Orders Manager" you can see the Activation status and other information, like, when each customer activated his license, if a customer has re-activated the license, how many computers are activated with a specific "Activation code". You can also disable a specific Activation code, so it cannot be reused again, etc.


5) Your customer can revoke his current license (locked to his machine) so he can apply the activation process again on a new machine. This allows your customer to move his license to a different PC. Of course, you can control how many times your customer can perform this process, etc.


Basically, your webserver will hold the "WL Orders Manager" database (which is a MySQL database) and the PHP script that will access the database and generate licenses. The "WL Orders Manager" is just a Windows application that can access the MySQL database in your webserver.


Options to enable Activation in WinLicense 3.0


You can add the following lines in the Advanced Options panel. Just edit the Host Name and activation/deactivation URLs as you had in the Winlicense GUI in the “Activation” panel for version 2.x:







If you were using an external DLL for the activation process, then you also have to add the following lines (changing the PATH to your DLL and the Function Handler name that is exported from your DLL). Something like this: