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I want to specific the output file name of the generated SmartKey in the "License Manager". Can I do that?


I want that my protected software asks for a license when it runs. If there is no license I don't want that my application starts. Can I do it with WinLicense?


I want to add an 'add-in' or 'plug-in' to my software that requires payment. Is there anything built-in to WinLicense to support that?


I'm creating licenses using my own external key generator as an EXE file. I have seen that my key generator (.EXE) depends on WinLicenseSDK.dll to work. Is there any way to avoid the linking with WinLicenseSDK.dll?


I have created a license with expiration date. What happens if my user leaves the application running on memory for months, even after the expiration date occurs?


How to simulate the CustomData value when application running in non-protected state? I would like to use WinlicenseSDK.ini to specifiy the property.


My licenses are locked to a USB pen-drive. How can I know if the user unplugs the pen-drive after my application has started?


What's the difference between the macro REGISTERED_START and REGISTEREDVM_START? Which one should I use?


For specific customers, I ship a license with days expiration. For other customers, I ship a license with date expiration. How can I know if the current license has expiration by days or date?


I can see that I can get the number of days left to know when my application will expire, but how can I know the exact hour/minute/second that it will expire?


I want to control downloads (updates) of my software. My clients will have a license with one year of updates. After one year, updates are not allowed but he can continue using the software. Can WinLicense do this?


Is a generated file key compatible for future changes of my application and future updates of WinLicense?


How can I specify as license file name the name of my current Software? So, I can reuse the same project for several Software.


I see a lots of functions related with Trial/Registration, but I'm quite lost about which functions I have to use to check if my application is registered and if not, get the number of days left.


When I call the function WLRegGetLicenseInfo, it works fine when the license is not expired. BUT when the license is expired, the user name/company are filled with garbage data. What's happening?


I want to mark a license as stolen using WLRegDisableCurrentKey but not sure how to proceed. My application will communicate with my web server to check if the license is stolen. Please, help!


How do I register my application when it's expired? I see that WinLicense displays the expiration messages and exits.


Can I integrate the license generation for paying customers into our web site by calling it as a web service or CGI or just as a utility from the web application?


In the Registration panel, I would like to specify a path (like user documents) in the "Single File" field, so my licenses are expected to be located there. Is that possible?


I'm using the License Generator functions in my application. When I protect my license generator, it still requires the WinLicenseSDK.dll file!


How would I go about implementing a system where keys only work for updates 12 months after the software is purchased? After that the customer has to renew the license otherwise the updates won't work with the existing keys?


When I protect my application, I keep on getting "your reg file is corrupted" even though it seems to have created the file properly. I have also installed the reg file correctly.


I need to change the license location and file name for each of my customers, but WinLicense seems to expect a fixed location and filename. What can I do?


If I have already created a key which gives a user 30 days registered license, how do I go about giving another 30 days?


Under Vista with UAC enabled, I call WLRegNormalKeyInstallToFile but the file license is created in a Virtual Folder in Vista. Is that correct?


I use one project to protect three (*.exe) files. So I would like to name license key files like MyApp1.license, MyApp2.license, MyApp3.license. Is it possible with WinLicense?


What is the maximun length for Name, Company and Custom data in a license? I try to put quite a lot of data in the Name field but protected application fails.


What is the max. length of textkeys? Is this a fixed length for all generated textkeys or can it change?


My application accepts both File and Registry licenses, which one has priority in case that a both of them are present?


I'm experiencing some problems using the WLRegDisableKeyInCurrentInstance function. How should this work?


Everytime that some customers try to activate one of our product with the activation key (SmartKey), the program seems not to recognize it and the product still shows trial version. We use your WinLicense with hardware locked SmartKey's


How can I generate my own license generators for my application protected with WinLicense?


I generated a license for my software, now software is registered and WLRegFirstRun returns "True". Now I generate the same key again and put this license key into the software folder and WLRegFirstRun returns "True" again, is that correct?


We have several customers who are going to trial state after changing from being online to offline with their laptop. What do you think could be the cause of this please?


I am getting quite a few of my clients telling me that they are getting expired key messages. They tell me that they have not changed their system. What can I do to help prevent this? And what might be causing it?


I am creating licenses with my own key generator (calling WLGenLicenseFileKey), but any license that I create it says "License corrupted" when I run my protected application.


Now I want to use "File License" for registration. In my application I ask the customer to select the registration file he received. But which command should I use to activate my application by this file?


I want to license my application via Text keys, but I'm not sure how to proceed. Any help?


Please, can you give me a step by step guide about how to create licenses locked to my customers’ PCs?


I have created text keys for 5 execution times. Now after 5 execution, I want to extent that execution time without protecting the application again. Is there any API for that?


I am creating keys using "WLGenLicenseTextKey" API without using the WinLicense itself. But while using this API, it is asking one parameter called "LicenseHash". What shall I give for this parameter?


Can I only use locked keys to register my application?


How can I get extended information about the current registration status for my application?


I have received a report about a stolen license key. How can I block it?


Is it possible to implement a feature that prohibits my application from being run with a permanent key? In my application all keys must expire.


I can see several kinds of licenses to register my application (Single file, registry, text file..). Which one should I use to make my application more robust against cracking?


I have 2 programs but I want each to have a specific license key. How can I do that?


How can I use a single license to register all my products?


I don't want my application to be executed unless a valid license key is present. How can I do that?


Is it possible to lock my application to a specific machine?


Can WinLicense protect stand alone DLLs that I would sell? Customers would just buy my DLL to integrate it with their own complete application.


Is there a way where I can clear of the registration information and run the same application in trial mode?


How do I check to see if a license has a resistration date set? When I use the function WLRegExpirationDate(addr(TrialDate)) with no expiration date set then I receive an error "invalid argument to encode date"


I also miss the option in armadillo to insert in the serial number from the license generator an integer value that could be extracted in the program. I used this to insert the number of licenses the user registered into the serial number.


What is the best way to register the program for ALL users on the computer?


We have problems with a few customers. We use SmartKeys with hardware id, the SmartKey is verifies correctly, but after relaunching it, they see that the program is still unregistered.


Our users must be able to generate keys from a website. Is that possible via PHP?


I have a single Delphi application that has 12 modules, depending on what the Customer needs/wants. They may start off with the basics then add others as their needs grow. How would WinLicense facilitate that?


I'm not sure how to work with the License Manager in WinLicense 3.0, can you give me the basic steps?


In version 2.x, I was generating licenses with the WinLicenseSDK.dll. Do I have to change it for version 3.x?


I'm using the C ANSI generator to generate licenses for my application protected with version 2.x. Do I need to change the C ANSI source code to generate licenses for applications protected with version 3.x?


When I call WLRegNormalKeyCheck, it always report TRUE even if I don’t enter any information. What's wrong?


How can I convert my winlicense.abs (from version 2.x) to version 3.x?


How can I export specific information from the database to XML?


In version 2.x, I saw an Activation option and it looks that's what I need now, but I can't see that option in version 3.0


I need to use a very long custom data for my file licenses. It can take about 100Kb of custom data but WinLicense rejects such long licenses. What can I do?


I have a user license for 6 months. After 6 months, it expires and the application can’t load. I would like to get it back to a trial version (some features are limited). How can I do that?