SecureEngine® Macros

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SecureEngine® Macros

The SecureEngine® Macros allow you to interact with your application using SecureEngine®, making your application and SecureEngine® run as a single unit.


To include SecureEngine® Macros into your application, you need to specify these macros in your application source code. When SecureEngine® is going to protect your application, it will find these macros inside your application and apply the required action to each specific macro.


The different macros that SecureEngine® offers to software developers are the following:


Using macros in your programming language


VM macro


Mutate macro


StrEncrypt macro


Registered macro


Unregistered macro


Unprotected macro


CheckProtection macro


CheckCodeIntegrity macro


CheckRegistration macro


CheckVirtualPC macro


CheckDebugger macro


Which Macros should I use?