Which Macros should I use?

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Which Macros should I use?

It is normal that a programmer feel lost when deciding which macros he/she should use. We recommend mostly using our virtualization macros (VM, TIGER_VM, FISH_VM, etc) as they offer the biggest protection in latest versions of our protection.


It's not a good idea to insert multiple (different) protection virtual machines as the final size of your application will growth noticeably. A good approach is to use a lighter VM (like FISH/TIGER) for your code that needs to be quite protected but also executed fast and use a heavier VM (like FISH_BLACK, PUMA, SHARK, ...) for your code that needs to be highly protected and you can afford that extra time that it takes to execute the virtualized code under the heavier VM.


When you call the WinLicense SDK functions, it's a good idea to put a virtual machine macro (VM, TIGER, FISH...) around the code that calls the WinLicense SDK function.