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This function is called by WinLicense the first time that an application runs in trial mode in the system. This function receives the hardware ID retrieved by WinLicense in ANSI format (SecureEngineFirstRunTrialA) or UNICODE format (SecureEngineFirstRunTrialW). It also receives a pointer to a structure with the trial expiration information (days left, executions left, expiration date and global time left).


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 [in] This parameter specifies the hardware ID of the current machine.


 [in] This parameter specifies a pointer to a TTrialExpInfo structure with information about the current trial expiration (days, executions, date and global time left)


Return Values


If the function returns True, WinLicense will continue running the protected application.

If the function returns False, WinLicense will terminate the protected application immediately. If the application is launched again, the SecureEngineFirstRunTrial function will be called again until it returns True.