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This function allows you to change the hardware ID retrieved by WinLicense by your own one, so you can use the licensing system offered by WinLicense but using your own hardware ID. This function receives the hardware ID retrieved by WinLicense in ANSI format (SecureEngineProcessHardwareIdA) or UNICODE format (SecureEngineProcessHardwareIdW).


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 [in/out] This parameter contains the hardware ID obtained by WinLicense. If you are going to modify the hardware ID by your own one, you have to overwrite this buffer.



Return Values


If the function has changed the hardware ID, you have to return TRUE, the hardware ID will be internally modified by your own one.

If the function is not changing the Hardware Id, you have to return FALSE.



The returned hardware ID must have the expected format for the WinLicense hardware ID. The format of the hardware ID is:


If you want to display a shorted hardware ID for your customers, you can do it with no problems, for example, you show them AAAA-BBBB, but internally you have to pass to WinLicense something like: