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You can work with different databases in case that you need it. Each database can be an embedded local database or a server database (MySQL).


When you select a Database, you have to choose if the database is a local database (embedded) or a server database.


If it's a server database, you have to make sure that you have initially created a database in your server and user with all access to the database. After that, you just simply write the login details to the server database and you are done. Please, check with your server administrator  about login details to access to the database.



Backing up your database


You should make backups of the database in case of disaster or data loss. There are several ways to backup your database:


1.You can export the database as XML and import it at a later time (from the top menu Database).


2.If you are working with a server database, you can use the backup database facilities that present your server interface.


3.If you are working with an embedded (local) database, you can copy the whole database folder by clicking on the Backup button.