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The WLRegNormalKeyCheckW validates a text key (given as UNICODE). This function should be called before installing a text key into the system.


From WinLicense 2.0, if you call this function the registration is performed on the fly and the application will go into registered mode if the key is correct. Notice that if the key contains expiration information, the application needs to be restarted (WLRestartApplication) in order to start the expiration process. If no expiration is inserted in the license, then the registration process is fully performed without having to restart the application.

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[in] Pointer to a null-terminated string that specifies the text key to validate.



Return Values


If the text key is valid, the return value is True.


If the text key is invalid, the return value is False.



See Also


WLRegNormalKeyInstallToRegistryW, WLRegNormalKeyInstallToFileW, WLGenLicenseTextKey